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2015 Home Beautification Project

Our Mission & Our Motto

Bethel’s Place was initially established in August 2006 as a community outreach facility for the Fondren SW community. With establishment of Bethel’s Place came the awareness of the socio-economic needs in the surrounding community. Bethel’s Place formed from that concern and quickly blossomed, gaining rapport with our local community.


As community needs were assessed and edification beyond basic needs became key, Bethel’s Place attained 501(c)(3) federal non-profit status and a unique organizational mission was outlined. As a non-religious organization, it is our desire to supply hope in the very real circumstances of our underserved friends and neighbors. Times, needs, and problem areas change, but we believe the ability to rise above current situations to a better quality of life is universal for all. We seek to highlight hope and the possibility of betterment to the communities who need it most. Our focus may change, but our mission remains the same.


The motto of Bethel’s Place Empowerment Center is “Empowering communities… Creating opportunities”. In conjunction with its motto, Bethel’s Place Home Beautification Project began in 2012. At its inception, Bethel’s Place received a grant from the Fluor Corporation for minor home repairs to homes in Houston and surrounding areas. The initial project included 10 homes. As Bethel’s Place received other grants from the Fluor Corporation, repairs were completed according to homeowners’ specifications. Respectfully, deadlines were met as specified by each home owner and Bethel’s Place now averages repairs on approximately 25 homes per year. 

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